Summer Events and Things to Come

Hi Friends,

It has been quite a while since we’ve had a moment to sit down and write something here. Over that span, while busy pickling and fermenting, we collected our second Good Food Award; this time for our Pickled Ramps.  We received a Gold Seal, which honors those dedicated, not only to local sourcing, but also to the usage of all natural and/or organic ingredients.  We are greatly honored to have been recognized by the Good Food Awards two years in a row, and extremely humbled to be included alongside such an esteemed group of like-minded artisans dedicated to making food the RIGHT way.  We are crossing our fingers in hopes of being in San Francisco this coming January.

We have also developed some new relationships with area farmers.  And, we have been delighted with the quality and flavor of what is being offered thus far.   We are lucky to be on the receiving end of all their hard work and dedication.  It’s pretty much downhill from harvest, making our job all the more easier.  We hope to further solidify these current relationships and, hopefully, create some new ones within the Hudson Valley Region.

As the seasons are progressing, we have moved from pickling ramps, into asparagus, golden beets, cauliflower and garlic scapes.  We are busy, busy, busy finishing up pickling garlic scapes, and readying ourselves for the peak of the summer. We will soon be moving into some new items we’ve been developing as the season progresses and introducing a new line of items too.  Stay tuned!  As always, if you have any questions about shipping and/or our products, feel free to email [email protected] . We hope to hear from you soon or see you in person at a local market.

We are eagerly anticipating crops as they come into season, and hope to further plant our foot in our local food system.

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